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the heart and the shape

i love this song...i'm excited about the new cd

so today was my music fundamentals test...i think i did well...might have screwed up on a few parts but i'm pretty confident i passed...later i have my music business exam...that should be tons of fun....sarcasm yes....but it cant be too hard....most of it is common sense...i mean how can you not know what a booking agent does? not like i'm gonna say he/she is the bands librarian

i'll study anyway...just to be sure

sometimes i really like how i write...i just sounds so good sometimes...

i think its not morally possible to fail a paper that has a title page with an old indian man playing a sitar intensly on it...i mean come on...think about that old guy...hed probably you want to make an old indian man cry?!

well i suppose thats about it
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